Hi and welcome to Oaklands.
On this site you can find a portfolio of my work and even a virtual world where you can click your way through the scenery like in an old-fashioned point and click game. Since I have always been inspired by the old Myst and Riven games, this page therefore became, if you will, a "tribute" to these games. Over time this world will be filled with new items and new places to explore. Maybe, you just might get carried away.Along the bottom of this page you can step into the world of Oaklands by clicking on the picture with the doors.



If you are not interested in this virtual world of mine, you can stay on these pages and read about my interests, who I am and why I came to work with 3D. Also, you can check out some of my work on the gallery page!

Enter here to the left by clicking on the image. You then navigate the page by clicking the hot spots. They can be somewhat hard to find, so a word of advice is to inspect the picture carefully. To look right or left, you simply click the hotspots along the outer edges of the page.Some rooms or places you can not enter, either permanently or just for the moment. Some points must be activated to work (for example, you'll have to find and press a certain button to turn on a machine or open a door etc).I hope you find much pleasure in this visit and that you will return.

Joakim Eklund.

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